Here are a few quick tips to attract chickadees

View this slideshow presentation and learn how to attract charismatic chickadees to your yard.
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From writing product page copy, catalog copy, blogs, and more while using the Voice of Customer (VOC)...people have been paying me to write and manage social media for over 14 years. 

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Bluebird Winter Roost Product Page Live Copy

I've written thousands of copy blocks for new-to-the-market products, like this winter bluebird roost. The neat thing is: bluebirds huddle together for warmth to survive cold winter nights and there are only a few other bird species that do that. Click to view this product description live on the Duncraft website. It's worth mentioning that I established the guidelines for the 5-bullet point format that makes it easy to see what the product is and why you would want it, at a glance.

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