A writer with an eye for design:

I've made almost all of these original designs using Canva. 

I've been designing with Canva since they started, quite a few years ago. In that time, I've learned to use this graphic design tool to create branded company images for use on social, blogs, posters, infographics, videos, and more. Even though I started using templates, I've learned to create my own designs from scratch without using a template. 

The images included below demonstrate a variety of my skills: including relevant brand photos with complementary typography, logos, and more. 

Blog Header Graphic

I created this image for the DUNCRAFT Wild Bird Blog as a header for an article promoting shelter for your backyard birds.
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Click through these slides to learn more about my creative process:

I contributed to this print ad by spelling out "Bird Seed" with black oil sunflower seed to add texture to our advertising. Click through for more.
I used the same process to spell out this "15% OFF" offer. First, I typed it up, then printed it out. Using select sunflower seeds, I overlaid them on top of a blank piece of paper. Then, using a lightbox, I aligned the seed over the type making sure the presentation and spacing were consistent. This is the final result.
Then I repeated the same process to present this "20% OFF" offer, making sure the spacing remained consistent.
The final result was used in the print ad, as well as the regular customer emails and as a banner on the company website (see next image).
This is the banner that appeared on the website.